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As a first consideration, we recommend...
Doctor Office

Primary Care Physician

You noted symptoms of depression in your questionnaire. Depression increases incidence and severity of certain musculoskeletal conditions. Patients experiencing symptoms of both depression and pain achieve the best outcomes when a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is managing all aspects of care. 


Not interested in the first recommendation? Here's another option.

Chiropractic or Physical Therapy

Chiropractic and physical therapy deliver the best value for people experiencing similar complaints to what you reported. However, it is important to acknowledge that symptoms of depression can negatively impact outcomes. If you are being treated for symptoms of depression, seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist is an excellent next step. You can find a high performing provider by clicking the "Find a Provider" button below.


Provider disciplines included in this analysis:

Primary Care

Doctor Office



Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Pain Management

Dentist Appointment

Orthopedic Surgery

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