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As a first consideration, we recommend...

Chiropractic or Physical Therapy

Chiropractors and physical therapists deliver the highest value for patients reporting similar symptoms. There is significant variation in outcomes and cost among individual providers. Therefore, we recommend finding a STEPWISE preferred provider using the "Find a Provider" button below. The STEPWISE provider list consists of providers delivering outcomes and value in the top 20% of the region.





96% of patients achieve full recovery


Not interested in the first recommendation? Here are two more options in order of value.
On a Video Call

STEPWISE Virtual Consultation

A virtual consultation, or telehealth, with a STEPWISE doctor will put you in touch with an expert who can further assess your condition and determine the best course of care. Your STEPWISE doctor may also provide home care recommendations and monitor your progress to ensure your condition resolves quickly.


Doctor Office

Primary Care Physician

Don't have a PCP?

We'll help you find one. Click here to discuss a PCP suitable for you.

Among in-clinic providers, primary care physicians (PCP) are the second highest value regarding outcomes and cost for patients reporting symptoms like yours. If recommendations #1 and #2 above are not preferred paths for you, we recommend discussing your condition with your PCP. If you don't have a PCP, we can help you find one. Click here to schedule a discussion with STEPWISE and we will find a suitable PCP for you.


Provider disciplines included in this analysis:

Primary Care

Doctor Office



Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Pain Management

Dentist Appointment

Orthopedic Surgery

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