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The musculoskeletal health system is highly fragmented, segregating providers and benefits by specialty. If one specialty had all of the answers, this system would work wonderfully. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The consequences of fragmentation are excessive avoidable costs and care pathways that mimic mazes in which some people find the right path while others hit road blocks. 

STEPWISE Pain Solutions solves the problems caused by fragmentation. First, using big data we match the patient presentation with the type of care that achieves the best outcome for the best price, and has the most satisfied patients. Secondly, we align providers of all essential musculoskeletal disciplines. If care does require a transfer to a different specialty, we coordinate the communication between the providers to ensure a streamlined transfer of care.

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Referral management and care coordination is a costly administrative burden. So, we'll do it for you. Simply give your patient the referral card that matches your care directive and we'll take it from there!


If you are referring a patient for in-clinic care please fax notes to 888-382-8131. 

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